Additional Services:

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Pruning

Smaller trees and shrubs in your landscape may need specialized care.  Improper pruning will not only affect the aesthetic appearance but can be harmful to the overall health of the plant. 

  • Shaping and reduction
  • Crown cleaning and thinning

Shrub & Landscape Removal

We can remove one plant or entire areas to reveal a clean slate. We are able to use our compact equipment to get in very tight spaces for the removal of overgrown or unwanted ornamental trees or shrubs. When we are done you will be able to replant with ease.

Stump Grinding

We have the equipment necessary to remove your unwanted stumps from anywhere on your property. We can even reach back yard stumps enclosed by small gates. To complete the process we can remove the grindings and replace them with high-quality topsoil and seed to leave your yard looking like new!

Emergency Work

We make ourselves available 24/7 for storm damage clean-up to help make tragedies a little bit easier to cope with.  It doesn't matter if it's a simple branch blocking your driveway to a large tree falling on your structure, WE'LL BE THERE! 

Municipal Tree Work

With over 12 years of experience handling large and small trees in city parks and roads, we can provide cities and towns with high-quality tree care year-round. From handling a late-night emergency situation to implementing a large scale pruning or removal plan, we can handle it all for you.

Insect & Disease Control

We are highly trained in prevention and corrective treatments to combat the many pests and diseases affecting your prized trees and shrubs. Let our expert arborists diagnose your landscape to determine the most effective management plan.


Trees and shrubs in the urban environment are in a less natural area and are subject to less natural nutrients than normal.  These nutrients are vital to healthy and vigorous growth.  We have the specialized equipment to get each tree and shrub on your property the nutrients needed to thrive.

Tree Support Systems

Sometimes trees need a little extra support. We can add properly placed support cables and bracing rods to your trees for long term or short term support systems.  This will give you peace of mind that your property has been made safer without the removal of the tree that only needed a little help!

Tree / Shrub Planting

Planting the right tree or shrub in the right spot is the first step in assuring long term health.  Let us evaluate your property and help you determine what plants will best suit your needs.  We will help you with projects from planting one shrub all the way to many trees, ensuring each one is done with the extra care that will ensure long term health.

Consulting / Land Management

We offer a number of consulting services to assist you with your trees and shrubs.